Kaunis Kuolematon levytyssopimukseen Noble Demon Recordsin kanssa – luvassa myös striimikeikka ensi sunnuntaina

Kotimainen melodisen doom metalin taitaja on tehnyt kansainvälisen levytyssopimuksen Noble Demon Recordsin kanssa. Kyseessä on Nuclear Blast -veteraani Patrick Walchin luotsaama uusi levy-yhtiö, ja se aikoo julkaista bändin kolmannen täyspitkän tämän vuoden lopulla. Bändi kommentoi sopimustaan seuraavasti:

”With Kaunis Kuolematon we have recorded two albums, an EP and several singles. We’ve been precise about who we want to work with and mainly handled everything by our own so far. Now we’re truly happy to say; We feel thrilled and very pleased that with our third album we are able to cooperate with . This is the score we have worked for!!! Huge hand to Patrick who is determined to build something new and it feels honored to be part of the Noble Demon’s growth story. Yet small, but new and fast growing label makes us really believe this is a very good choice for us, considering the forthcoming years of Kaunis Kuolematon. ’There will be successes, but that does mean lot of work for both sides, so we are really looking for to it.”

Yhtye aikoo myös soittaa striimikeikan 31. toukokuuta:

”We are living in a time where the human faith is set on the edge of fathomless depths. In a time where some things change forever. But we have to go on without hesitation, alone, together. This is the reason why we are privileged in honour to be present with YOU in this time via a stream show! One moment with the dark arts performed by Kaunis Kuolematon! We hope to get you onboard.”

Lipun keikalle voit hankkia täältä.

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