Kayserilta uusi albumi syyskuussa

Kayser - Promo - 2016Ruotsalainen thrash metal -lauma Kayser julkaisee uuden albuminsa nimeltä ”IV Beyond The Reef Of Sanity” kuluvan vuoden syyskuussa. Lue tästä vokalisti Spicen kommentit:

”IV BEYOND THE REEF OF SANITY is a musical continuation of READ YOUR ENEMY. Like a big brother with more muscles and stronger bone structure. A truly genuine effort with the easily recognisable characteristics of KAYSER. All the ingredients are there but taken several steps further. There’s an emphasis on a grander approach in many of the songs, culminating in the 13 minutes long epos The Silent Serenade.

Many of the lyrics were written to the background sound of the hypocrisy of the political correctness in our society, while the western world is under attack. I depended on automatic writing and I wanted to set my inner mind free to form lyrics with words of surrealism and realism. I wanted to see what would happen when they got in clinch on paper.”

1.Beyond the reef of sanity
2.Through the darkness
3.Debris (of a dream)
4.The silent serenade
6.Asphalt and suicide
7.One man army
8.I sold my soul (for your dream)
9.Old blanket
10.Allergic to life

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