Keith Richards: ”Rolling Stonesin uusi albumi on alkutekijöissä”

Rock-legenda Rolling Stonesin kitaristi Keith Richards on vahvistanut Wall Street Journalin haastattelussa, että uusi albumi on työn alla:

“I’m going to sound like Trump – ‘It will happen, don’t worry about it’ – but it’s in the early stages.”

Richards jatkaakin kertoen seuraavaa tulevan albumin teosta:

“We have some stuff down which is very interesting. It’s more difficult for us to write together the further apart we are, but it also has its benefits in that we come back to it from a different angle. I find it an interesting challenge to write for Mick. There’s no point in my giving him a song that’s beyond his range or that he’s not comfortable with. What I really like to do is write a song where Mick goes, ‘Yeah, right, I’m in!’ That’s what I try and do, because I’m writing for the lead singer of the Rolling fucking Stones, and that is my job – to give him a riff that he leaps on and goes, ‘Right, I know what to do with this.’”

Rolling Stones sai Grammy-palkinnon edellisestä 2016 julkaistusta ”Blue And Lonesome”-cover-albumistaan. Edellisen täyspitkän studioalbumin ”A Bigger Bang” julkaisusta onkin jo kulunut kolmetoista vuotta.



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