Kid Dynamite tribuutin kappalelista julkaistu

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 17.10.2007

Copper Lung records julkaisee tribuutin ”Carry The Torch” Philadelphialaiselle hardcore -yhtyeelle Kid Dynamitelle ensi vuoden alussa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändit ja kappaleet, jotka on valittu kokoelmalle.

All Teeth – Never Met The Gooch


Kaaoszinen joulukalenteri 2022 →

Bangarang! – Pits And Poison Apples

Broadway Calls – Bookworm

The Carrier – Copout

COA – Table 19

Comadre – Death And Taxes

Crime In Stereo – Wrist Rocket

Daggermouth – Bench Warmer

Dance Floor Justice – Shiner

Death Is Not Glamorous – Pause

Deny Everything – Zuko’s Back in Town

Energy – Rufus Wants A Hug

The Ergs! – Fuckuturn

Fireworks – Heart A Tact

First To Leave – SOS

Frogball – k05-0564

The Golden Age – Got A Minute?

Hollywood – Gate 68

Hour of the Wolf – Breakin’s A Memory

I Am The Avalanche – The Ronald Miller Story

Kill Conrad – Showoff

Lewd Acts – Ph. Decontrol

No Secrets Between Sailors – Living Daylights

Pellinore – News at 11

Soldiers – Introduction to the Opposites

Static Radio NJ – Give ’em the Ripped One

This Is Hell – Troy’s Bucket

This Time Next Year – 3 O’clock

To The Lions – Rid Of The Losers, Bring On The Cruisers

32FPS – Handy With The Tongue Sword

12cent – Pacifier

The Wonder Years – Cheap Shot Youth Anthem