Killswitch Engagen nokkamies Jesse Leach avautuu mielenterveysongelmistaan – ”Minäkin olen rikki”

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 14.8.2018
Jesse Leach, Killswitch Engage @ Hartwall Arena

Yhdysvaltalaisen metalcore-yhtye Killswitch Engagen vokalisti Jesse Leach on avautunut mielenterveysongelmistaan Instagram-tilillään. Leach julkaisi kuvan pitkähkön viestin kera, jossa hän kertoo painivansa ahdistuksen, itsetuhoisten ajatusten, masennuksen sekä riippuvuuksien kanssa.

Leach toivoo myös, että aiheesta keskusteltaisiin avoimemmin. Hän toivoo, että mielenterveysongelmia pidettäisiin yhtä tavallisina, kuin vaikka nyrjähtänyttä nilkkaa tai mustelmaa.

Voit lukea miehen koko viestin tästä:

I had written this post before but took it down as I didn’t like the photo of me, my “meds” made me look tweaked out. So this photo was taken right as I woke up today (very much feeling the jet lag). I feel this picture better showcases a more honest and sober face. Still have some sleep on me in this one, but my eyes they tell the deeper and silent story. ・・・ This is the face of someone with a mental illness. #IAmBrokenToo You are not alone. I too have #Anxiety #SuicidalThoughts #Depression and #Addictions. I do and say things “out of character” when I am mentally “high or low” it’s just part of the distinction of the illness.
Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out to the 02 Academy in Birmingham this past Wednesday, I shared a part of my soul with you that 99.9% of people don’t know about me. I truly hope you walked away with some love, hope and determination in your hearts. For us that struggle and suffer with mental illness everyday is a battle. So to those who understand, are willing to listen and are willing to try to understand I salute you! Please keep the conversation going! Let’s make mental illness as common as a sprained ankle or a bruise. It’s shouldn’t be a taboo or shunned topic, it needs to be “normalized” and treated like the “illness” it is. To help prevent suicide please be there for friends, ask for help, and don’t make anyone feel alienated or ostracized for having depressive or manic thoughts… it’s OK to NOT BE OK! Massive love to all who listened and got the message Wednesday night! For me I feel like I did my part to speak my mind and speak on equality, hypocrisy of government, my personal take on organized religion, human rights and the actual meaning of the word “love” during the live interview and Q&A. I’m honored to be able to speak and be heard as a man and a human. Massive thanks to @mattstocksdj for making this night happen and for his friendship! I am a very grateful man as I type these words.

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