King Diamondin kitaristi Andy LaRocquelta päivitystä yhtyeen seuraavaan albumiin liittyen

Tanskalaisen metallilegenda King Diamondin kitaristi Andy LaRocque antoi äskettäin Metal Jacket Magazinelle haastattelun bosnialaiskitaristi Zele Lipovačan Kroatiassa soittaman keikan yhteydessä. Mies kertoi haastattelussa yhtyeen odotetun seuraavan studioalbumin etenemisestä ja voit lukea hänen kommenttejaan tästä:

”I can’t really say that we have started working on it yet, but it’s coming. So as soon as we have some time, we’re gonna start working on new songs.”

Sävellyksestä yhtyeen riveissä LaRocque kertoo:

”What [KING DIAMOND singer and namesake and I] do is we both have our studios, so we send files [to each other], and if there’s something that needs to be changed, we just talk about it and have it changed.”

Lisäksi mies antoi päivitystä yhtyeen uuteen DVD:hen liittyen:

”We’re actually still working on it, because we have a few options — different shows and stuff — so we have to make a decision which one is the best. And it’s hard to know that before you start working on it. And you know the picture and the sound — that combination — have to match, of course, and when you see the whole thing, [you go], ’Okay, that show is really good.’ So we’re still working on it. And I have no release date; I’m sorry about that. We just want it to be really, really good.”

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