Kiss-yhtyeen Paul Stanley kannusti nuoria hienossa valmistujaispuheessa: ”Ottakaa elämästä kaikki irti”

KISS -yhtyeen laulaja/kitaristi Paul Stanley piti puheen nuorille, jotka valmistuivat Wesley Collegesta Doverissa, Delawaressa. Delaware State Newsin mukaan Stanley puhui valmistujaisseremoniassa seuraavista asioista:

”Make the most of your life and be proud of what you do. Make sure at the end of the day, you can look at yourselves in the mirror and like who you see. Go forward, have a great life and remember that even on its worst day — and I’ve had my share — life is a miracle. Go out and prosper. Make this a better world, you can do it. And, take some time to rock ’n’ roll too. I’m deaf on my right side and have no ear canal — I didn’t have an ear on that side. People asked, how can you go into music? But, I’ve always said that you have to innately know what you’re capable of doing, no matter what anyone tells you. People say that those who are successful are lucky. It’s not luck. People who are successful look at situations and see opportunities others missed. The people who tell you it’s just luck are the ones who didn’t succeed. It’s a rationale for their failure. Don’t be one of those people.”

Musiikillisten saavutusten ohella Stanley on myös kirjailija, yrittäjä, sekä filantrooppi.