KK’s Priestilta video ”Sons Of The Sentinel” -kappaleesta

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 7.12.2023

Englantilaisesta heavy metal -legenda Judas Priestista tunnetuksi tullut kitaristi K.K. Downing on julkaissut KK’s Priest -yhtyeensä kanssa videon ”Sons Of The Sentinel” -kappaleesta. Kappale on peräisi bändin aiemmin tänä vuonna ilmestyneeltä ”The Sinner Rides Again” -albumilta ja K.K. Downing kertoo kappaleesta seuraavaa:

“Following the epic ‘Return Of The Sentinel‘, it was inevitable that this sequel would evolve. The history of these intergalactic mercenaries has to justifiably continue as long as there is metal in our veins.

It was with great sorrow that our first great father, and warlord, met his demise upon his return, but the powers of those that would be have initiated an even more powerful force to be the protectors of the entire universe. Though – heed the warning – you must always beware to never stand in their way because they are a force that are like no other and have never been seen before! They are The ‘Sons Of The Sentinel‘.”