Kotimainen progressiivista metallia soittava Simulacrum sopimukseen Frontiers Musicin kanssa

Kotimainen progressiivista metallia soittava Simulacrum on tehnyt sopimuksen Frontiers Musicin kanssa. Yhtye työstää parhaillaan materiaalia tulevaa järjestyksessään kolmatta albumiaan varten, jonka julkaisu tulee tapahtumaan myöhemmin ilmoitettavana ajankohtana. Bändi on kommentoinut sopimustaan seuraavasti:

”Frontiers has always been the top label for us to sign to and we are very happy in this point of our career to have found such a great partner in crime,” says Christian Pulkkinen. ”With a large record company in our corner that believes in what we do, we can continue to produce the high quality music we all love: strong harmonies and melodies without letting the listener off too easy. As a band, we strive to make music that compels the listener long after the first spin of the album. The new album we are diligently working on, will be hard hitting melodic progressive metal. It will pay homage to the great vintage prog bands we all love, without forgetting to blend in the best elements the modern bands are doing. You will find influences by such bands as Dream Theater, Kansas, Symphony X, ELP, Periphery, and Haken, but our music has a very strong self-identity and most of all sounds like Simulacrum. We can’t wait to release the new album and we are delighted to do it in collaboration with Frontiers!”

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