Kotimainen Split Iris julkaisi musiikkivideon ”Oath”-kappaleesta

Kirjoittanut Atte Itkonen - 24.5.2024

Kotimainen metalcore/proge-yhtye Split Iris julkaisi uuden kappaleen nimeltään ”Oath”. Kappale on esimakua yhtyeen uudelta albumilta ”Bloodred Dusk”, joka julkaistaan 28. kesäkuuta. Yhtye kommentoi:

“Our new single, ‘Oath,’ is about finding oneself amid complete desperation with seemingly no way out. It is a reflection about everything that went wrong with humanity and how all the things one thought as stable truths collapsed in the view of the storyteller. However, even from the ashes of humanity there is a spark of hope to be found and the storyteller remembers the oath they made in the beginning of their story to never give up. Therefore, the storyteller sets out to find a way out of despair and carry the promise of restoring humanity, even if it would mean the end for them.”

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