KYPCK julkaisemassa uutta albumiaan syyskuussa

Kirjoittanut Teemu Esko - 21.7.2016

Kypck 2016Kotimainen venäjänkielistä doom metalia soittava KYPCK julkaisee uuden ”3epo (Zero)”-nimisen albuminsa syyskuussa ja on aloittanut uuden rahoituskampanjan. Katso alta levyn kansitaide sekä yhtyeen tiedote uuteen julkaisuun ja rahoituskampanjaan liittyen. Yhtye esiintyy elokuun 20. päivä Helsingissä Kansallisteatterin Lavaklubilla, ja lisätietoa konsertista löydät tapahtuman Facebook-sivulta.

”Album number four – aiming for the big ’0’

”Hello and zdravstvuite, dear comrades and friends,

”As you may have noticed from some online posts and rumors, the fourth KYPCK-album is ready and coming out this September (2016). It’s been two years since ’Imena na stene’ and most of that time was spent in our respective man-caves writing and recording this new stuff for you. And it’s been a fucking trip once again…

”We think we’ve once more updated our sonic equivalent of an awesome, yet unpredictable — and ugly, yet effective 14,000 ton Russian submarine. It’s cold and unyielding steel structure is yet again counterbalanced by the flesh & blood of the (probably drunken) sailors inside, yearning for fresh air that never comes. In any case, there’s nothing else like it.

”As far as the technical & production side went, we’ve pretty much used the exact same methods, which proved so effective on the last album: Hiili doing the mixing, recording drums & guitars, Jussi (Kulomaa) producing the vocals with E. Seppänen in their hometown of Tampere, the lyrics were again written in a frosty haze in the old capital of Estonia… But the ”routine” really meant that we we’re able to let loose on other areas, letting the music & lyrics ooze out into the world in exactly the way they wanted.

”Now you all have a chance to become part of our mission and obtain some unique pieces of the band’s history. We’ve always immensely enjoyed the visual & physical paraphernalia that surrounds the concept of KYPCK — in many ways they’re a part of the band itself, with the music, naturally, being at the centre. The stuff we’ve got as presents from the fans, the rocks we’ve collected by the Baikal, the shells we picked up by the Volga-river — they’re all physical memories of some unique moments and emotions. Today, you can have your own mementos and support the band while doing it.

”We’ve chosen lots of different stuff, ranging from the more traditional signed quality photos of the band to hand-written lyric sheets with personal notes, as well as, shoes worn by the bassist on our Siberian tour and many other special items, which have a special significance to the band. You should check the details and pictures below. We hope you enjoy them as much as the new album!

”So, that’s probably all you need to know. We are certain that you will find something you like or at least something that will piss off your spouse. See you at the shows!”

KYPCK New Album Cover