Lamb Of God vetäytyy tauolle

Virginialainen thrash metalli -yhtye Lamb Of God on ilmoittanut jäävänsä vuoden mittaiselle keikkatauolle heti ensi vuoden alussa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi virallisen viestin bändin rumpalilta Chrisiltä.

Hey everyone, hope all is well. Things are good here; I’ve been enjoying some time at home. Ozzfest was a great time for us. Killer opportunity playing in front of some massive crowds and beat them mercilessly with our nasty noise. Our last show of that tour was a headline gig in Richmond. This was cool as it had been since the middle of the writing process for Sacrament since we had delivered a hometown show (you can see that show in the Sacrament DVD). We have been fortunate to tour the world several times on Sacrament, but it has kept us away from home for what seemed like forever and it was good to be back. A lot of our friends came out to support and it was a great homecoming.

Took some time to adjust to sleeping in stationary bed and to get back on a normal schedule. I think I’ve finally adjusted – perfect timing – we leave for the UK in 3 days!!! For a while I was rehearsing on my own every day, but early this month I broke the middle toe on my right foot. Badly. The x-ray showed the bone snapped all the way across. You see, I was deep in training for a UFC fight and snapped it breaking concrete slabs. Not quite. I wish I had a good story, but it’s actually pretty pathetic. I slammed it on the leg of the bed in the middle of the night coming back to bed from taking a leak.

I haven’t played drums in weeks. Probably the longest I have gone without playing since we started the band. Very awkward for me as I’m pretty neurotic about rehearsing. I think it’s been good for me though. I really needed some chill time and the time away has made me really hungry to play.

During the down time, I did all kinds of crap. Joe from Gojira came and stayed with me for a week and then the band came in for a week of rehearsals. Hung with those guys a lot as they prepared for their tour. Lots of work on my house and I also got really into the 360 game Bioshock. Other than drunken matches of Guitar hero on the bus I never play video games anymore, but with my toe elevated and on ice there was only so much I could do. Cool game.

So, we are scheduled to leave Friday for the UK tour with Heaven and Hell. Heaven and Hell! Are you kidding me? We are incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity and I personally can’t wait. I’m also a big fan of John Schaffer’s writing, playing and perseverance. I’ve been an Iced Earth fan for years. I met him and Tim Owens years back during a taping of HBB at MTV and I’m excited to hang and talk shop with him again as well. That’s a funny story itself. We showed up at MTV for the taping at 8:30am. They always have the metal bands come in at ungodly hours, probably in hopes of everyone being chill and less hostile or whatever. Willie and Randy ”outsmarted” them. Instead of calling it an early night beforehand, they pulled an all-nighter. By the time we arrived, they were so in the bag they could barely speak. You could see in that episode that Willie is sitting in the back holding a 40oz. in a brown bag! Every time Jamey would announce the next video Willie would yell from the back ”F Yeah!” or ”Those dudes suck!” and we’d have to shoot the segment again! Randy kept screaming ’The Rippaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ (referring to Tim) in his highest falsetto. It took forever, but I think the humor in it won out.

Anyway, I gotta go get ready to rock. I hope rehearsal goes well – I’m sure you’ll hear about it somehow if it doesn’t. I’ll keep up here and there from the tour and let you know more about the December US tour as it approaches. I know it will be our last for a long time. We plan on taking the entirety of 2008 to reconnect, get hungry and write. Plans never seem to be set in stone with a band, but the idea would be to bunker down with no shows for the year. The next album must be more intense than anything we’ve done and we don’t want any distractions.

There’s something amazing on it’s way to punctuate the end of the Sacrament cycle. You will hear about it in the next few days, it’s been in the works for a while and it’s no less than revolutionary. It’s crazy actually – you’ll see and be the judge soon enough. We are all very excited about this surprise.

Hope this finds you well – we are looking forward to kicking your butt one more time before the end of the year!

Stay metal,


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