Lamb Of Godin entinen rumpali Chris Adler julkaisi upean muistokirjoituksen Rushin menehtyneelle Neil Peartille: ”Hän määritteli pitkälti rumpaleiden aseman yhtyeissä nykypäivänä”

Kanadalaisen progressiivisen rockin legendan, Rushin rumpali Neil Peart siirtyi hiljattain ajasta ikuisuuteen taisteltuaan kolmen vuoden ajan aivosyöpää vastaan. Rock-musiikkiin rumpujen ja sanoituksien osalta lähtemättömän vaikutuksen tehneen rumpalin kunniaksi on julkaistu monia upeita muistokirjoituksia, ja nyt kortensa kekoon kantaa Lamb Of Godin entinen rumpali Chris Adler, jonka mukaan Neil Peart määritti rumpaleiden aseman yhtyeissä ja tekee sen yhä tänä päivänä. Voit lukea muistokirjoituksen tästä:

”I was a lil kid. I didn’t know up or down regarding music. I rode BMX bikes and tried to score with the hip chick (name deleted).

My mom, who recently passed (on my birthday at my birth time) built me a half-pipe in the backyard. It was legit. 11′ with 18” of vert. She was rad. She also put a chain across it at night so dipshits like me wouldn’t skate it and endanger her homeowners insurance. Smart chick.

Anyways… While I flailed around trying to be the next Tony Hawk, I had some friends come by with some cool tapes to put in my boombox. Same time a kid down the road that did the BMX thing, but not the skating thing got a sweet drum kit from his folks. He was hell bent on learning everything RUSH. Yeah, by that time, I’d heard rumors. ’Dude…like…dude….you gotta check this out.’ I didn’t care. I still don’t.

I never wanted to play drums. I wanted to play guitar like Dave Mustaine, then go out and skate and most importantly land a rad chick. But something stuck about those tunes.

I always went back to heavier stuff. Audio-wise, for me, it was kill or be killed. RUSH didn’t fit in…but somehow…it was rad.

What the hell are they talking about? That’s weird. Man…wow…this drummer is sick.
I never met Neil and I’m glad I did not.

I’ve often been asked if I consider myself to be on his level. It’s the wrong question and any answer is irrelevant.

Alone he defined and continues to define the drummer’s role. His outreach, as described above, is second to none and not definable. In many ways, he challenged me and in many ways showed me how.
”I’ve never listened to RUSH all that often, but its inescapable in my line of work.

I’ll miss him.

Thank you, Neil.”

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