Lamb Of Godin Randy Blythelta uusi yhtye Over It All: debyyttialbumin nauhoitukset käynnissä

Yhdysvaltalaisesta metalliyhtye Lamb Of Godista tuttu laulaja Randy Blythe on perustanut uuden yhtyeen nimeltä Over It All yhdessä Animals As Leadersin basistin Javier Reyesin, Sworn Enemyn kitaristin Lorenzo Antonuccin, 33 & West ohjelmatoimiston omistajan JJ Cassieren sekä Mediaskare Recordsista tutun Baron Bodnarin kanssa. Yhtye on siirtynyt hiljattain studioon nauhoittamaan debyyttialbumiaan, voit lukea virallisen viestin aiheesta tästä:

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@lorenzoantonuccijr & @jjavierreyess in the RV brainstorming album titles at a truckstop. Why are we in the RV? Well, the dudes in this band all have such hectic schedules with everyone’s other projects that we thought it would be cool to get together & road trip it in one vehicle to the studio instead of just emailing stuff to each other- that’s not rocknroll! So no, we are currently not on tour- just on our way to start making music together- studio photos soon!!! We are open to album title suggestions. What does the music sound like? Well, if you put together Sworn Enemy, Animals As Leaders, lamb of god, & Attics for Automatics into a blender, you get #OverItAll (imagine that 😂😂😂)- it’s pretty fucking devastating stuff. Credit where it is due: Javier has been doing most of the driving- thanks @sumerianrecords for footing the bill for this RV & getting us to the studio! By the way…. WE ARE OPEN TO ALBUM TITLE SUGGESTIONS. #OverItAll #lambofgod #swornenemy #atticsforautomatics #animalsasleaders #vllnfutr #sumerianrecords #getyourshittogetherkevin

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