Lamb Of Godin vokalisti vihaa selfieitä

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 14.7.2015

Lamb Of God 2015Yhdysvaltalaisen metalliyhtye Lamb Of Godin vokalisti Randy Blythe on antanut hiljattain haastattelun Altpressille, jossa kommentoi päätöstään mm. vuonna 2012 sulkea oman tilinsä Twitterinsä. Tällä hetkellä Randy käyttää ainoastaan Instagramia mutta miehen mukaan välillä sekin saa hänet menettämään uskonsa ihmiskuntaa kohtaan. Voit lukea Randyn ajatuksia sosiaalisista medioista tästä:

“I might eventually burn out and have to leave Instagram, too, because as more people follow me, the stupider the conversation becomes. That’s what happened with Twitter. I hope this doesn’t piss anyone off, though I really don’t fucking care if it does: I wish I could disable comments and likes. At first, the interaction was really cool, and sometimes it still is, but to a degree it’s making me lose faith in humanity again, just like Twitter did. When you write to your character limit in Instagram, it’s not even a full page of a regular book, right? But people are like, “I can’t read this! This is too much!” I’m like, “Are you an idiot? You can’t read a paragraph?”

But that’s only some people in this fast-forward, ADD, shortened attention span society we live in. With Instagram, I’m not taking pictures of my dinner. I’m not taking fucking selfies. Go fuck your-selfie! How about that? [Laughs.] The fact that “selfie” was introduced into the Oxford English Dictionary makes me want to smash my head through the wall. It’s hideous. I’m taking real pictures of things and writing things [accompanying] them. I’m not trying to sound all highbrow and highfalutin, but it’s art.

When I write, I’m trying to drive the conversation. Some people have gotten heated about this, but people should know: my Instagram account is not a democracy. It’s a dictatorship. It is a fascist cyber realm in which I am at the helm. If you’re an asshole, I banish you. People say something stupid and they’re like, “I’m just expressing my opinion.” Not anymore you aren’t! BLAM! You’re gone! [Laughs.]”

“…The internet removes what I call “the impulsive thought filter.” People’s fingers will fly on impulse. I have lots of impulsive thoughts. For instance, I’m in Sweden. This place is full of gorgeous, tall, blonde Swedish women. I’m walking to Starbucks this morning and I pass four or five slammin’ Swedish girls. What would I really love to do? What does my monkey mind tell me to do? Walk out and slap one of ’em on the ass. [Laughs.] Because it’s fun! I love smacking my wife on the ass. That’s the male lizard brain working, right? But because I live in society, there is an impulsive thought filter that says, “You know what Randy? That’s not a good idea. It’s offensive. It’s not cool. This chick isn’t going to like it. And you’ll probably be arrested. So you probably shouldn’t do that.” The impulsive thought filter––POOF! It’s gone.”

“It’s ludicrous, man. That’s one reason why I left Twitter. People would say rude things to me, like, overly familiar things, like they know me. I’d be like, “Go fuck yourself.” And they’d be like, “You can’t say that! I’m your fan! I bought your record!” I’m like, “Take my records and shove ’em up your fucking ass. I don’t give a fuck. You are a rude asshole I don’t want as a fan. How about that?” And they’re just like, “Oh, my God!” [Laughs.] I am a person, you know? I don’t have some sort of anonymous internet presence.

I’m held accountable for everything I say and do. People know where I am. I’m on tour! Just come to the gig. You’ll see me sooner or later. I am not “@warbringer666″ or whatever [Laughs.] on the internet. I’m me. The real me. So I act like a decent fucking human being, whether it’s via the internet or in person. Yes, I want to smack hot Swedish chicks’ butts. Who wouldn’t? But I don’t do it ’cause it’s not cool. [Laughs.] . And I want to do it virtually! But I don’t do that either because it’s not cool. People have one way they act online in this cloaked, anonymous world and then one way they act in the real world.

Most people don’t come up to me out of the blue and just say rude shit. They know they might get a fucking smack! Or at the very least I’m going to yell at them. Who are these people? I’d like to interview these people. Maybe I should do a survey: “Are you an asshole on the internet? I want to meet you and talk. How are you in real life? Are you starting to feel like you have a split personality? If you’re not, why are you such a dick?”