Letlive.:n kitaristi jätti yhtyeen

Letlive 2015Yhdysvaltalaisen post-hardcore -yhtye letlive.:n kitaristi Jean Nascimento on päättänyt jättää yhtyeen. Voit lukea miehen virallisen tiedotteen asiaan liittyen tästä:

“Hello everyone! Hope everyone reading this is doing very well. I should have posted this a little while ago, but here it is for those who don’t know. I am/will no longer be a member of the musical act know as letlive. Thank you to all the fans, soulpunx and friends that have made the past, 8years of this journey . I’ve also had the privilege to tour with some amazing bands and artists. It’s been a great journey. Thank you all, very much!! #afewofmanypasses #thankyou”

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