Lords Of Blackin uudeksi laulajaksi on valikoitunut Diego Valdez – yhtye julkaisi tuoreen esittelyvideon

Espanjalainen metalliyhtye on löytänyt uuden vokalistin kuukausi sitten yhtyeestä eronneen Ronnie Romeron (Rainbow) tilalle. Laulajan virkaan on nyt virallisesti astunut espanjalais-argentiinalainen Diego Valdez, joka toimii myös yhtyeissä ja Helker. Lords Of Blackin perustajajäsen Tony Hernando toivottaa Valdezin tervetulleeksi yhtyeeseen seuraavin sanoin:

”I’m very excited about confirming Diego Valdez as our new frontman. Not only he’s an incredible singer but turned out to the obvious best choice, considering all the factors besides his singing skills and experience.”

”I needed someone who understood the importance and responsibility of the role for Lords Of Black after we have released three widely praised albums; someone who was up to the daunting task of filling Ronnie Romero’s shoes — which is no small feat — and someone who truly loved this opportunity, hence giving Lords Of Black the dedication the band and ultimately YOU the fans rightfully deserve.”

”Diego’s Spaniard-Argentinian mix unquestionably helps to preserve certain character (or idiosyncrasy for the lack of a better term), one that make Lords Of Black a different and unique animal in nowadays musical landscape. The fortunate coincidence that Diego lives now in Madrid makes everything much easier, allowing us all to work closely as a creative unit with a single goal in mind: to make Lords Of Black bigger and better with each new record.”

”I hope you all enjoy our choice and I kindly ask you to give Diego a very warm welcome!”

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