Lost In Grey julkaisi uuden ”Varjo”-kappaleen tulevalta levyltään: katso biisin musiikkivideo

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 19.6.2021

Kotimainen teatraalista metallia soittava  julkaisi uuden ”Varjo”-kappaleen tulevalta ”Under the Surface” -albumiltaan, joka on järjestyksessään bändin kolmas pitkäsoitto. Levy ilmestyy 2. heinäkuuta Reaper Entertainmentin kautta. Yhtyeen tuoreesta kappaleesta julkaistiin myös video ja voit katsoa sen tästä:

Lost In Grey kommentoi:

”Greetings all thee!
Let us take a step forward
and underneath our robes,
for a brief moment in time
and out of our characters.
A lullaby for the lost,
without the chance for adventures.
Close your eyes and feel no fright,
lay down to rest, without a burden in sight.
Yours sincerely, Lost in Grey”

Yhtyeen laulaja Anne Lill kertoo kappaleesta seuraavaa:

“Varjo” is a song that couldn’t have been written in any other language than Finnish – and indeed, I did try. For over six months I struggled trying to find the words in English, but without success and I nearly gave up trying. Only when I finally embraced the “will of the song” – that the song wanted to be a lullaby for the lost written in Finnish – the words would come to me. Musically the song focuses on Emily’s vocals and Harri’s piano, so I also wanted the focus of the video being on them. On the day we were filming the music video it was supposed to be thunder and rain, but somehow the storm avoided us completely, and eventually the clouds faded and we were given a beautiful evening sun.”

Yhtyeen pääasiallinen kappaleiden kirjoittaja Harri Koskela lisää:

”It seems to be some kind of recurrent theme on our albums that there is always one song which becomes by far the most personal song on the album, and ‘Varjo’ represents that on this album to me. Obviously we all face hardships in life which might at the time feel too overwhelming, and my way of dealing with these emotions is writing them into music. Even though the song has its roots in loss, I hope this song will in it’s own way bring comfort to someone, as it has done to me.”