Lost Society julkaisee uuden albuminsa helmikuussa

Lost Society 2015Jyväskylästä tuleva thrash metal -yhtye on asettanut tulevan albuminsa nimeksi ”Braindead”. Yhtye aikoo julkaista seuraavan albuminsa helmikuun 12. päivä Nuclear Blast Recordsin toimesta. Voit katsoa yhtyeen vokalisti / kitaristi Samy Elbannan mietteet yhtyeen tulevasta albumista tästä:

”A lot has happened since the release of our second album; we’ve played loads of sick shows and we’ve definitely matured as songwriters and as musicians. We’re beyond stoked to announce our new album »Braindead«! I’d have to say that this album truly shows what LOST SOCIETY is all about, and it’s filled with the tightest, heaviest and most aggressive stuff we’ve EVER done. This album has the slowest songs and the fastest songs we’ve ever done and one thing is for sure: this will make you wanna go crazy! The album title itself is a portrayal of us in many ways, »Braindead« has come to be another way of saying LOST SOCIETY, and it came to us as a natural decision to make it the title for what we feel is the best material we have ever made. Ladies and gentlemen, the times of a »Braindead« revolution are upon us!”

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