Lost Society sopimukseen Nuclear Blastin kanssa: Tulevan albumin nauhoitukset alkavat syksyllä

Jyväskylässä alun perin alkunsa saanut metalliretkue Lost Society on solminut sopimuksen Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa. Yhtyeellä on suunnitelmissa siirtyä studion uumeniin syksyllä 2021 nauhoittamaan seuraavaa albumia jälleen yhdessä tuottaja Joonas Parkkosen (ent. Santa Cruz) kanssa.

Laulaja Samy Elbanna kertoo sopimuksesta seuraavaa:

”After the release of our strongest album yet, we are beyond stoked to announce our return to the world’s biggest heavy metal label, Nuclear Blast.

This past year has been all about writing and perfecting the LxSx sound, and we cannot wait to carry out our massive plans for the future together with the titans of the world of metal music.

The next chapter of Lost Society begins now. Be prepared.”

Nuclear Blastin Euroopan A&R Jens Prueter kommentoi sopimusta Lost Societyn kanssa seuraavasti:

“Welcome back LOST SOCIETY! You always meet twice. The Finnish ‘youngstars’ had an amazing start with their first three albums of teenage thrash fury. But I guess it happens at every family that grown-ups want to move out to develop on their own. And that’s what happened to LOST SOCIETY. They redefined their style with the latest self-released album ‘No Absolution’ and found a new, even more successful, direction with a clear vision for greater things to happen. Nuclear Blast Records is more than happy to share their vision and continue working with one of the most promising bands in modern metal. Special thanks to their management team Kristen Mulderig and Jouni ‘Grey Beard’ Markkanen! Let’s raise some hell!”

Lost Society 2021:
Samy Elbanna – Laulu / Kitara
Arttu Lesonen – Kitara
Mirko Lehtinen – Basso
Taz Fagerström – Rummut