Maleficen uusi albumi ilmestyy huhtikuussa

Englantilaisen modernia metallia soittavan Maleficen uusi albumi on saanut nimekseen ”Five”. Albumi julkaistaan huhtikuun 28. päivä Transcend Musicin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi albumin tiedot sekä yhtyeen viesti levyyn liittyen.

”After being written off, we’re back to where we thrive the most. Being the underdog.

”We’ve always delivered something new and exciting in adversity and this time is no exception. The changes we have made have given us time to regroup and reinvent the sound of this band.

”Expect more bounce than ever, more hate than ever and more soul than ever. This is a record of feelings, how we are, where we want to be and where we will get to. This is the album we always wanted to write, where the evolution has taken us and has renewed our ’take-no-prisoners’ attitude, something we always have at our live shows. You can hear the clarion call to arms in this recording.

”All music is a personal statement. This is our statement that no matter what, nothing can hold us back, nothing will keep us down and together we can, will and have survived all the bullshit thrown at us. This record represents everything we are as a collective and as individuals. It’ll be the soundtrack to your parties in 2013.”

Albumin kappalelista:
01. V
02. The Great Deceiver
03. Never Say Die
04. Wasted
05. Time
06. Blueprints
07. Reach Up

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