Manowarin entinen kitaristi Ross ”The Boss” Friedman julkaisee uuden ”By Blood Sworn” -sooloalbumin huhtikuussa

Kirjoittanut Samuel Järvinen - 12.3.2018

Heavy metal -yhtye Manowarin entisenä kitaristina tunnettu Ross ”The Boss” Friedman julkaisee uuden sooloalbuminsa ”By Blood Swornin” huhtikuun 20. päivä AFM Recordsin kautta. Albumin on tuottanut Dean Rispler ja kansikuvasta vastaa Stan W. Decker. Ross kertoo:

”The main thing is that my band all live nearby me instead of in Germany. So, we were able to really work the tunes up. Mike LePond and I started going through riffs and tunes in July, worked up the tunes, and started forming them. It was a very satisfying process. Actually, I know what direction the songwriting should go, and we go. As for my guitar playing, whatever the song needs, the songs get! The record is more old school, but with a fresh attack — the songs are not repetitive, and this record is also not a ’drum-machine recording’ like most these days.”

Albumin kappalelista:

01. By Blood Sworn
02. Among The Bones
03. This Is Vengeance
04. We Are The Night
05. Faith Of The Fallen
06. Devil’s Day
07. Lilith
08. Play Among The Godz
09. Circle Of Damnation
10. Fistful Of Hate