Marty Friedman myöntää soittamisen Megadethissa yhä kiinnostavan häntä

Marty Friedman 2015Yhdysvaltalaisessa thrash metallin legendassa Megadethissa vuosina 1990-2000 soittanut kitaristi on antanut hiljattain haastattelun ”Metal Brainiac” -nimiselle podcastille, jossa pohtii mahdollisuutta soittaa vielä joskus Megadethin kanssa. Martyn mukaan mies ei olisi valmis enää todennäköisesti liittymään yhtyeen riveihin pysyvästi mutta voisi soittaa vaikkapa yhden keikan yhdessä yhtyeen kanssa fanien vuoksi. Martyn mukaan miehen mieli asiasta on muuttunut koska muutama vuosi sitten hän ei olisi edes ajatellut koko asiaa. Voit lukea Martyn mietteitä Megadethiin liittymisestä tästä:

”Well, you know, for the longest time, it was just the farthest thing from my mind ever. Ever since I did [my latest solo album] ’Inferno’, I’ve done so much stuff in America than I’d never done before, and then I started to really get a grip on what people think of ’s stuff that I did. And I hadn’t forgotten about it, but I really had no idea the kind of impact and the enthusiasm that the fans of that era actually have. I’d never really seen it with my eyes, because I kind of got sidetracked so deeply in Japan… I was kind of oblivious about the long-lasting effect, and the record company [Prosthetic Records] definitely told me… Of course, it sounds like they’re blowing sunshine up my skirt. But they really said, ’Look, some of the stuff that you did with them is really legendary, and people really have embraced it.’ So doing promotion for ’Inferno’, when that came out, I got to kind of feel firsthand that people really, really love it. And as much as I don’t really like to think nostalgically and go back and redo something that I’ve already done, I considered it, and I would still consider something — like an event with MEGADETH — because the fans would love it; for no other reason than that. But the main ’but’ is it has to be done absolutely right. It has to be done really cool, really special, really well, well organized. Everybody has to be on their shit. They have to look great, play great. The thing has to be conceptually great, the staff has to be really fantastic, and management, and it has to be done a thousand percent proper in every possible way, or it just is not gonna be done. When that day happens, I’ll be happy to listen to an offer. And I’m still in great friendship with everybody in the band. So it could happen. But it’s certainly not at the top of the list of anything that I would do. I would never consider it before, but I would consider it now, only because I’m hearing firsthand what people think in America of it.”

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