Marty Friedman pyörittelee mahdollisuutta liittyä takaisin Megadethin riveihin

Marty Friedman 2014Japanilaistunut kitarasankari , joka tunnetaan entisenä Megadethin kitaristina on antanut hiljattain haastattelun Talking Metal -nimiselle podcastille, jossa pyörittelee mahdollisuuttaan liittyä takaisin yhtyeen riveihin nyt kitaristin paikan vapauduttua. Voit lukea Martyn mietteitä aiheesta tästä:

”Well, I’ve never really said ’never’ to anything like that. But just because there’s a vacancy in the band, that’s certainly no reason for me to be interested in it.”

He continued: ”I have great relationships with everybody in the band — [and I] always have — [and] I would not be against considering anything that they would be willing to bring up for me to consider. So if there were something that would be exciting for me to consider, or exciting for me to do, I would be more than willing to check into it.”

”I assume that there’s a lot of talk about it because there’s a vacancy in the band, but there have been plenty of vacancies in the band since I left.

”I wouldn’t rule it out, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up either. So I don’t really have anything to say about it.”

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