Mayhemille norjalainen Spellemann-kunniapalkinto

Kirjoittanut Vilma Peltokangas - 21.4.2021

Norjalainen black metal -legenda Mayhem on vastaanottanut norjalaisen Spellemann-kunniapalkinnon. Grammy-gaalaan verrattu Spellemann-gaala on Norjan suurin ja arvostetuin palkintojenjakotilaisuus muusikoille. Mayhem kirjoitti asiasta Facebook-sivullaan. Lue postaus sekä Mayhemin oma käännös palkinnon saatetekstistä alta:

Icons, legends, genre defining, and world class music. Since their inception in 1984, the Honorary Award winner have made music that has shocked, mesmerized and inspired. They are considered the founder of their subgenre, with their groundbreaking and experimental musical expression. They have inspired legions of artists of all ages all over the world since their beginning. New documentaries, books and magazines are still being made about the group and the genre they have helped define and form. It is pretty much impossible to discover Norwegian Black Metal without getting to know the Honorary Award winner. It is unavoidable to view the group as Legendary and Giants in Norwegian music.

This year’s Honorary Award goes to MAYHEM.