Megadethilla valmiina noin 130 kappaletta tulevaa albumiaan varten

Megadeth 2013Yhdysvaltalaisen thrash metallia soittavan Megadethin vokalisti / kitaristi Dave Mustaine on antanut hiljattain haastattelun Full Metal Jackien radiokanavalle yhdysvalloissa, jossa kertoo yhtyeellä olevan raakileet valmiina jopa 130 uuteen kappaleeseen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Daven mietteitä häneltä yhtyeen uudesta albumista kysyttäessä.

I’m just kind of fiddling around with songs. I sent a song over to management. I’m working with Ron Laffitte again, and Ron and I were together during the heyday of ’s biggest records — ”Rust”, ”Countdown” and ”Youthanasia”. He’s a metal fan, and we’ve been friends for a real long time. And I was interested to see what his opinion was. ’Cause the last guy we had managing us was really a sweetheart of a guy, but he wasn’t really born in the wool, if you know what I mean. So he didn’t really understand metal that much, and if I would have sent him a song, he could have said it was great, but deep down inside, I believe I probably would have said, ”Yeah, what do you know?” I sent a song over to Ron and he freaked out. Because he said it’s like the old-school stuff and ”I can’t wait to see what happens.” This is a guy that wouldn’t say stuff like that unless he was serious. So, the band guys are all excited about it too. Now, as far as collaborating and stuff like that for new music, that’s on these guys shoulders. I’ve got, in my Pro Tools rig I’ve been working on, I have over 130 songs that I’ve been working on — just pieces of stuff and saving them and fixing them and making them right and making more complex and more melodic and heavier and stuff. And I’m ready to go. [laughs] I’m just gonna see what these guys do — if they’re gonna hang out and just rely on me, or if they’ve got some ideas up their sleeve. And the other thing, too, a song isn’t just music — there’s lyrics to it, too, and the melody. I can have a great-sounding song, but the vocal line can suck. [laughs] So, having someone come in and say, ”Hey, try this,” is always great.

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