Megadethin Dave Ellefson Slayerin lopettamisesta: ”En halua uskoa, että he lopettavat täysin uraansa”

Megadethin basisti Dave Ellefson tuntuu suhtautuvan varsin epäilevästi toisen thrash metal -suuruuden Slayerin päätökseen lopettaa uransa viimeiseen jäähyväiskiertueeseen. Tuoreessa Inquisitr:n haastattelussa Ellefson on kertonut epäilevänsä vahvasti, että yhtye lopettaa uransa täysin  ja uskovansa, että bändi palaa keikkalavoille vielä jäähyväisten jälkeenkin. Aiheesta Dave kertoi seuraavaa:

”Look, groups retire for all kinds of different reasons. Either they’ve just lost interest, their heart just isn’t into it anymore, maybe it’s a health issue, for who knows what reasons. And I don’t know why SLAYER’s hanging it up; I’ve not talked to Tom [Araya] or Kerry [King] about it to know. It’s great to see them have this big last hurrah of success. I’d like to think they’re not gone forever, on some level, y’know what I mean? Many farewell tours have made for a hell of a reunion tour later.”

”But they’ve also lost their dear friend Jeff Hanneman, and he was a key writer for SLAYER. Me and Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH leader] have been through that; past members have passed away. We’ve been through a lot of lineup changes and stuff, and when lineup changes happen, it’s always kind of a shot in the dark whether you’re going to be able to capture lightning twice and recreate the magic. Some of our lineups did and some of them didn’t.

”Again, a lot of different reasons for doing it,” he added. ”Now we’re making 50-year-olds’ decisions, we’re not making 20- and 30-year-olds’ decisions, which are fight and kill at all cost when you’re younger. When you get a little bit older, for all of us, we look back at the roller coaster ride we’ve been on; some days you go, ’Do I want to get back on that roller coaster again or not?’ It’s like skydiving. ’I’ve jumped a couple of times and I’ve survived. Do I want to really go do it again?’ Sometimes you count your blessings; sometimes it’s okay to leave Vegas and leave a little on the table.”

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