Megadethin David Ellefson: ”Olemme kaikesta velkaa Metallicalle”

Thrash metal -yhtye Megadethista tuttu basisti David Ellefson vieraili Detroitilaisella WRIF-radiokanavalla. Lähetyksen aikana tiedusteltiin, kuinka paljon Ellefson ja Dave Mustaine keskittyivät Metallican tekemisiin yhtyeen uran alkuaikoina. Ellefson kertoo seuranneensa tapahtumia tiiviisti, sillä Metallica rikkoi rajoja ja avasi mahdollisuuksia muille yhtyeille, kuten Megadethille ja Slayerille. Ellefsonin mukaan moni metallibändi, Megadeth mukaan lukien, ovat paljon velkaa Metallicalle ja moni yhtye, kuten Pantera ja Lamb Of God eivät olisi kasvaneet niin isoiksi ilman Metallican tienraivaamista. Ellefson kertoi:

”I mean, look, we are all just a branch off the METALLICA family tree. I mean, let’s face it. Especially MEGADETH, with Dave being there, and then me being a branch off of Dave with MEGADETH. So, I mean, look, we owe everything to METALLICA. Those guys broke down the doors for every one of us — ANTHRAX, SLAYER. Bands today — LAMB OF GOD, PANTERA — none of this would have happened without METALLICA being up there as the 800-pound gorilla just carving the path through the jungle that would have never let heavy metal in. The stuff that they able to do and the size and the scope of which they were able to break those doors down, it changed all of our lives — as musicians, as fans, as everything. That’s why I think when they did the ’Big Four’ [shows] with us in 2010 and ’11, that was just such a great olive branch.

As Scott Ian said, it’s like we’re all brothers of the same family, it’s just that one of our brothers went off and became Microsoft, and that was METALLICA. It’s, like, how the hell did you do that? That’s amazing. You changed the world. But the fact that they came back and, again, offered that olive branch to us and just said, ’Hey, we were all in this together. Let’s celebrate what we did together so many years ago.’ And I think that speaks volumes to just how cool METALLICA is.”

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