Megadethin ex-kitaristi Marty Friedman aikoo julkaista ”Spacefox”-dokumentin ensi vuonna: traileri katsottavissa

Kirjoittanut Janne Ollikainen - 8.5.2020

Thrash metal -legenda Megadethissa vuodesta 1990 vuoteen 2000 vaikuttanut kitaristi Marty Friedman aikoo julkaista ensi vuonna ”Spacefox”-nimisen dokumentin, jota on työstetty jo useamman vuoden ajan. Aiemmin ”Hebi Metal San” -nimellä kulkeneessa dokumentissa seurataan Friedmanin uraa Megadethin kitaristina toimimisesta ja nousemisesta suureksi kuuluisuudeksi japanilaisessa tv:ssä. Friedman on todella suosittu julkimo Japanissa, ja hän onkin esiintynyt yli 700 tv-ohjelmassa, mainoksessa ja elokuvissa. Dokumentin on ohjannut Substratum Filmsin perustanut Jeremy Frindel. Friedman kertoi tulevasta dokumentista Instagram Live -chatissa:

 ”I have done a documentary, and it’s pretty much in the can, but it’s being edited and added to, and new things are happening here. We were thinking of adding footage of me playing at the Tokyo Marathon in March, and that didn’t happen because of everything. Documentaries sometimes can take a very, very long time. But I’ve seen the meat of the documentary, most of it, and it’s a lot of fun. And hopefully it will come out sometime next year. Who knows? There’s not really a set release date for it yet. But I have seen the material and I have seen a rough edit of it. And I hope to add new things to it and give it a really flashy ending. But there’s no ending to the story, so when do you end the thing? But I think it’s gonna come out next year.”

Ohjaaja Jeremy Frindell kommentoi projektia projektia vuonna 2016 filmin rahoituskampanjan yhteydessä:

”I grew up playing guitar, playing in rock bands, and spent many hours playing along with Marty’s guitar parts from some of the classic MEGADETH records. As years passed and my interests shifted, I went on to work making films and hadn’t thought about MEGADETH in many years. So when I recently stumbled across an article about how Marty Friedman had become the Ryan Seacrest of Japan,’ I was fascinated.

I’ve had many different chapters in my life and am always intrigued about the seemingly infinite variety of ways we can reinvent ourselves. So to see someone like Marty at the top of his game step away and disappear to another country, and re-emerge as a TV entertainer, completely captured my imagination. Right away I felt there was an amazing story and film in there. I am honored and excited that Marty put his trust in me to share his story and the crazy journey he’s gone on.”

Friedmanin koko Instagram Live -lähetyksen sekä ”Spacefox”-dokumentin trailerin voit katsoa tästä: