Melecheshin vokalisti kommentoi hiljattaista pidätystään Jerusalemissa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 17.12.2015

Melechesch Ashmedi 2015Israelista tulevan metalliyhtye Melecheshin vokalisti Ashmedi on pidätetty hiljattain kotikaupungissaan Jerusalemissa baaritappelun seurauksena. Voit lukea miehen virallisen tiedotteen aiheeseen liittyen tästä:

”While on vacation in Jerusalem, I was arrested for beating up somebody in a bar fight. After three days in jail and a 3000-dollar bail plus 18000-dollar contingent guarantee, I was placed under house arrest for the last seven weeks and will remain under house arrest until the court sets a date for a trial. Then the judge will decide what will happen next.

”I was having a nice night out at a friend’s bar. After several verbal provocations and then verbal death threats to me, I acted in what to me seemed self-defense and finished it. Normally, people know me, I often stop fights and buy people drinks to calm them down — this time shit hit the fan….

”Well, it was a stupid bar fight, which is not my style, really, yet things got out of hand and the vacation turned into a nightmare, three days jail and now I am still under house arrest for the last seven weeks ’till a yet-unknown court date. The fortunate news, however, is that I will be given permission to do the MELECHESH concert in Jerusalem, so I can go out for a few hours to rehearse with my guys and the next day naturally perform with MELECHESH.”