Memory Garden sai valmiiksi uuden albuminsa nauhoitukset

Ruotsalainen doom metallia soittava on saanut valmiiksi tulevan ”Doomain” nimeä kantavan albuminsa nauhoitukset. Albumi tullaan julkaisemaan huhtikuun 15. päivä Metal Blade Recordsin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen viesti levyyn liittyen.

”The recording of ’Doomain’ must be the most relaxed album session we’ve ever done.

”We recorded most of the album ourselves in our own studio and took the time we wanted and needed to get it done. Dan Swanö helped us getting the rig together and he provided us with the tools to do it and from there we did it ourselves. The lead guitar sessions were done at SolnaSound Recording by Simon and Mike Wead. When it all was done, it was sent to Dan Swanö and Unisound for mix and mastering. The final album is amazing and we are so thrilled to get it out to all of you”

”We wanted a short and effective title to this album. It’s a little game of words referring to the style of music we play ’doom metal’ and the actual word ’domain.’

”We see this album as a statement of what MEMORY GARDEN stands for music-wise and this album is certainly down our alley, it’s in our Doomain.”

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