Metallica: ”Uhrasimme Jason Newstedtin pelastaaksemme itsemme”

Vuosituhannen vaihde ei ollut Metallican uran helpointa aikaa. Yksi merkittävimmistä tapahtumista oli silloisen basistin Jason Newstedtin eroaminen yhtyeestä. James Hetfield ja Lars Ulrich muistelivat Newstedtin roolia ja hänen eroamistaan bändistä Classic Rock -lehden haastattelussa. Ulrich muistelee:

”Jason was overlooked. And the ironic thing is that the model for what would have been the perfect Metallica in Jason’s mind is the one that exists now. That is kind of ironic. It’s also a little sad, because Jason’s a good guy and he put a lot of effort into the band for many years, and in retrospect he was never really fully accepted into the band. Then when he tried to go elsewhere to satisfy his creative needs, he was told – well, barked at – that he couldn’t.”

“James has his vision of the perfect family, and it’s almost kind of mafia-style: you’re part of the family, and if you step outside of the family you’re betraying the family, and you’ll get ostracised. And that is at the heart of a lot of the stuff that we’ve tried to work through in the last couple of years.”

”Jason was caught in no man’s land. So in a way he sacrificed himself – or had to be sacrificed – in order for us to be able to move to the place we’re at now. So it’s ironic, and really sad. For me, it’s amazing that it lasted for 14 years, that Jason stuck it out for that long.”

Newstedt erosi Metallicasta vuonna 2001. Hetfield kertoo, miten se vaikutti bändiin:

“When we started playing music after Jason leaving, the music was not all it could have been,” Hetfield told us. “We started to write, and then as we were going deeper into ourselves, and exploring why it was that Jason left – what it meant to us, and all of that – it started stirring up a lot of emotions and a lot of stuff about how we could better ourselves as individuals. So I made the decision to go into rehab.”

Kirk Hammettin lisätessä:

“It’s like James had a problem processing a lot of the thoughts and feelings he had, and Jason leaving was one of the feelings he had trouble processing. It’s been a huge learning experience, and something that Jason set in motion for all of us.

”He was the sacrificial lamb for our spiritual and mental growth as well as our creative growth, and it just sucks. It’s medieval.”

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