Metallican entinen basisti Jason Newsted akustisesta projektistaan: ”En osaa soittaa kuten Slipknot tällä hetkellä”

Jason NewstedYhdysvaltalaisessa thrash metal -legendassa Metallicassa vuosina 1986–2001 soittanut basisti on aloittanut uuden akustisen projektin nimeltä Would And Steal yhdessä Rob Tuckerin kanssa. Jason Newsted on antanut projektiinsa liittyen haastattelun, jossa on kertonut päätöksestään aloittaa täysin akustinen projekti. Voit lukea Jasonin ajatuksia projektin perustamisesta sekä kuunnella hänen soittoaan tästä:

“After thirty years of playing heavy music and travelling around the world — I’ve been around the globe about five and a half times, fifty-five countries — I’ve already climbed that mountain; there is no more of that mountain to be climbed.

So within the accolades that I shared of the group’s success — I was one member of that group, something bigger than all of us; and we got Grammy Awards and Hall Of Fame and all those different things — that’s as far as you can go in that kind of music, and it’s someone else’s turn to have fun in that music now.

I can’t play like Slipknot now; those guys are heavier and faster than I could ever dream of playing now. So this is how I can play, and this is what I’ll do for the rest of time.

I always wanna play music; I have to have it in my every day, and if I don’t, I’ll go mad — literally. Anybody that knows me knows that. And so now as I play this, I find myself being able to expose myself to more people.

I’d say age four to ninety-four can listen to this music and enjoy it. How can’t you like Johnny Cash? How can’t you like ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken?’ You have to like those songs, American music like that.”

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