Michael Monroe: ”Hanoi Rockin paluu tulee jäämään yhden keikan mittaiseksi”

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 21.9.2022

Kotimaisen rockin legendoihin lukeutuva Hanoi Rocks tulee tekemään paluun keikkalavoille tämän viikon perjantaina 23. päivä syyskuuta laulaja Michael Monroen juhlakeikalla loppuunmyydyssä Helsingin jäähallissa.

Michael Monroe on antanut tulevaan juhlakeikkaansa liittyen haastattelun Sirius XM:n Eddie Trunkille, jossa on kertonut tarkemmin kuinka Hanoi Rocksin alkuperäisen kokoonpanon paluu keikkalavoille oikein tapahtui. Monroe kertoi aiheesta seuraavaa:

”What happened was Sami Yaffa and Nasty Suicide were gonna be there anyway [for the DEMOLITION 23 reunion], since Sami is in my band playing the bass. I met with Gyp Casino, the original drummer from HANOI, in Stockholm last December when we were filming my documentary… [He is] a cool guy [and I have] nice memories [of playing with him]. And I invited him over to do something [at the gig]. And then Andy McCoy, he called me. He invited himself. He said, ’I heard you’ve got this 60th-birthday celebration. If I have time from my world tour, I may have time to show up and maybe I’ll come and do ’Tragedy’.’ [And I said] ’Okay. Whatever. Fine.’ So then I started thinking about it. I said, ’Wow. That would be actually cool. All the guys will be there, the original lineup. Why don’t we do a few HANOI songs in the end?’ And then we were gonna have it as a surprise, and everybody agreed. This was the only way and the only time to do it, for the right reasons. Then Sami Yaffa told me one night, ’Are you sure you don’t wanna let people know ahead of time? Because if fans find out about this later on afterwards, they’re gonna be pissed off.’ So I said, ’You’re right. We should let people know.’ The Ice Hall in Helsinki was already over half sold out, but then we had this press conference, and I had Gyp Casino come over too — all five of us — and it was fun. It was surreal to be with everybody right there — all five of us together — after 40 years. It was amazing. It felt really cool, actually. It was fun. And we announced that the end of the show will be the original lineup doing a set of HANOI songs. The next day, it was all sold out and everybody wants to be there.”

Kysyttäessä Monroelta näkeekö tämä bändin soittavan vielä lisääkin keikkoja tulevaisuudessa toteaa Monroe nauraen yhtyeen hyvin todennäköisesti soittavan vain tämän yhden keikan yhdessä. Hän kertoi aiheesta seuraavaa:

”No. [Laughs] No. This will be just one time — this one time.”