Michael Schenker Festilta uusi albumi elokuussa

Saksalaisen kitaralegenda Michael Schenkerin kipparoima rockyhtye on asettanut tulevan albuminsa nimeksi ”Revelation”. Yhtye on julkaisemassa seuraavaa albumiaan elokuun 23. päivä Nuclear Blastin kautta. Michael Schenker on kertonut tulevasta albumista seuraavaa:

“Based on the fun that we had recording »Resurrection«, the success of the album and the surrounding tours we undertook that were just fantastic, I was deeply inspired to make a start on writing new songs for a new MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST album. It is even a step up from »Resurrection« with amazing input from all singers and all musicians – I could not ask for a better result. The songs are blazing, snappy, energetic, melodic and with drummers like Simon Philips and Bodo Shopf we got amazing results. This time we even managed to record three great mid-tempo songs with all singers involved, singing their hearts out.“

Albumin nimeksi valikoitui ”Revelation” Michael Schenkerin värikkään historian vuoksi. Mies kertoi levyn nimestä seuraavaa:

“The album title and cover concept expresses things that have happened in my past as well as what is still happening at the present time. It’s about passion and purity versus greed and corruption. There is much to say. It’s about time I let people know about some of this…

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