Mick Marsilla on jo seuraava sooloalbumi työn alla

Kirjoittanut Samuel Järvinen - 27.12.2023

Yhdysvaltalaisesta rockin jättiläisestä Mötley Cruesta tunnetuksi tullut kitaristi Mick Mars on julkaisemassa uransa ensimmäisen sooloalbumin nimeltä ”The Other Side Of Mars” helmikuun 23. päivä.

Mars ei kuitenkaan ole jäänyt turhia lepäilemään, sillä hänellä on parhaillaan jo seuraava sooloalbumi työn alla. Mars kertoi aiheesta tuoreessa Chris Akin Presentsin haastattelussa.

”When I see myself, especially in the past couple of years, like the farewell tour in 2015 and The Stadium Tour that just happened, and I see myself on film, I absolutely am not digging it at all. I don’t like the way I look. I don’t like the way I can’t move. I was like, I can look down on my guitar, but I can’t bend my head to see, so I have to look down. And when I walk on stage, it looks like a praying mantis with a guitar or something. It’s kind of messed up. It’s hard for me to look at myself that way ’cause I don’t feel that way. But I see it.”

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”My brain’s as sharp as ever. These new ideas — this is a weird way to explain it. My brain, my mind, and my ideas are expanding beyond what I figured, but it’s still my idea, my creativity. The stuff is growing as a solo artist. And I’m not in this shell confined to one type of sound. This stuff, if it was any different, wouldn’t sound right. I can do anything I want, take it where I want. And if people are digging it, I’m loving it. And if they’re not, it’s okay too, because that’s what’s in my mind.”