Mike Muir: ”On hyvin mahdollista, että ”World Gone Mad” jää Suicidal Tendenciesin viimeiseksi albumiksi”

Tänä kesänä Tuska Open Airissa konsertoivan cross over -yhtye Suicidal Tendenciesin laulaja Mike Muir on antanut hiljattain haastattelun Full Metal Jackien luotsaamalle radio-ohjelmalle, jossa on pohtinut yhtyeen tulevaisuutta uusien albumeiden julkaisun suhteen. Muir on todennut haastattelussa olevansa tällä hetkellä sen verran kiireinen, että pitää bändin viimeisintä ”World Gone Mad” -nimistä albumia mahdollisesti jopa yhtyeen uran viimeisenä levytyksenä. Voit lukea Muirin ajatuksia aiheesta tästä:

”I think it’s a whole different process now, because previously, it used to be, ’Okay, time to do another record.’ You go in there, and you record, and you’re going into the studio and you’re paying money. And you’d have everything planned out before you even go into here. Now, the good side of [making] music [is that], I guess, everybody has their own studio and anybody can use Pro Tools, so you can go in at any time, so you don’t sit there and go, ’We’re going in. We have this amount of time. Blah blah blah.’ So you don’t really think about it. And we found that, over the years, we record a lot of stuff just because we love doing music and having fun and not necessarily love the aspect of putting it out for other people to hear and judge and whatever.”

”I think that with ’World Gone Mad’, I think it’s a perfect statement record to fit in with all what else we’ve done in the past and it’s a good way to end it. As I said before, at the same time we recorded an EP, and there’s a possibility we’ll still put that out. But there’s a very good chance that’ll be the last album-album that we do. I know Dave [Lombardo, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES drummer] is… every time we talk, he’s, like, ’Hey, let’s record something.’ So we’ll always record things. Whether we put it out, I don’t know. We’ve been so busy since this record has come out and we’ve got so much stuff already planned that it’s, like, I can’t even think about even recording another record anyhow. So I guess that’s good.”

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