Misery Indexin sekä Dying Fetusin entinen kitaristi Bruce Greig on kuollut

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 8.2.2022

Yhdysvaltalainen pitkän linjan death metal -muusikko Bruce Greig on kuollut. Greig ehti uransa aikana vaikuttaa mm. Misery Indexissa, Dying Fetusissa, Next Step Upissa, Fear of Godissa, Voxhumanassa, Spinessa sekä Desecrationissa. Misery Index on julkaissut kitaristin kuolemasta virallisen tiedotteen ja voit lukea sen tästä:

“This is really hard to write. We are absolutely gutted to learn about the passing of Bruce Greig. As a member of the M.I. Family, He was a one of a kind riff master, and an overall infectiously positive dude…and we will miss him deeply. Bruce was the driving force behind the ever-influential Next Step Up, Together We Fall and Covenance, as well as District Heights Records (Stout, Sean Wells) and the defunct Bethany Recordings. In addition, Bruce’s past band resume includes Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Fear of God, Voxhumana, Spine, and Desecration.

A memorial gathering will be held on Tuesday, February 22 from 10-11 AM, followed by a memorial service at 11 AM at Kalas Funeral Home and Crematory, 2973 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater, Maryland. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the charity of your choice.”