Monster Magnet studioon marraskuussa: uusi albumi julkaistaan ensi kesänä

Monster Magnet 2015Maailman tunnetuimpiin stoner rock -yhtyeisiin lukeutuva Monster Magnet siirtyy marraskuussa studioon nauhoittamaan uutta albumiaan. Ensi kesänä ilmestyvä albumi on seuraaja vuonna 2010 ilmestyneen ”Mastermind”-albumin uudelle versiolle nimeltä ”Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)”, joka tuli ulos viime vuoden lokakuussa. Yhtyeen karismaattinen keulahahmo Dave Wyndorf, 50, kertoi Sofia Liven haastattelussa tulevasta albumista seuraavaa:

”This is full ahead rock. It’s a little bit shorter album, 10 songs, full-ahead Detroit style, early 70’s, MC5/Stooges type of rock. I wanna see if that makes any difference to the fans at all. It still sounds like Monster Magnet, of course, but it’s a little less on the psychedelic side and little more on the power rock side.”

Seuraava albumi tulee olemaan yhtyeen viimeinen julkaisu yhteistyössä Napalm Recordsin kautta.

”I signed a contract for a bunch of records with them. This is the last record for them. If they want more, I guess they’ll have to come back and offer me some money (laughs). The way I look at it is that record companies didn’t seem to mean as much as they did in the old days. They’ll still be ”Here’s a heavy metal record company, here’s an alternative record company”, but for me, I always thought that Monster Magnet always had enough identity to survive any label, as long as the record company gave me the money that I needed to pay my guys and make a record. I would be happy switching record companies for the rest of my life, if some people ran out of gas and there was a better record company.

But so far I haven’t seen a perfect record company for Monster Magnet. And there hasn’t been a ”stoner rock” label, there’s never been one big one that really did it right. It would be nice if there was, I would like to see bands like Monster Magnet, Kadavar, all be on the same label. I know Napalm tried that, but you know… I think right now anything loud is considered metal to the outside world. You know, a normal person wouldn’t go “Oh, that’s metal and this is stoner!”, they’ll go “Yeah, if it’s loud, it’s probably heavy metal.” But they’re a bunch of idiots, they don’t know what they’re talking about.”