Mörbid Vomit rumpali jätti yhtyeen

Morbid VomitKotimaisen death metal -yhtye in rumpali Teppo Ristölä on jättänyt yhtyeen. Bändi aikoo jatkaa kolmikkona tuuraavien rumpalien kera kunnes löytävät pysyvän jäsenen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin sekä Ristölän viestit aiheesta.

Bändin viesti:

”Unfortunate news: Teppo Ristölä is no longer part of Mörbid Vomit. We want to thank Teppo for these years and wish him all the best for his future. We will continue as a trio and with ”hired guns” behind the drumkit until we find the fourth member.”

Teppo Ristölän viesti:

”This is not an easy thing for me to announce, but the time has come for me to leave Mörbid Vomit and step forward for new challenges. Something really happened in the band after the former bass player left. I am not going to unfold this too precisely in public, but I have to say that the last year in Mörbid Vomit was the hardest year of my career playing in bands.

”The incidents during Easter last weekend were the last nails to my coffin. From now on I promise to myself that I will do stuff only with people who appreciate my effort for real. Big thanks to everyone involved for the awesome gigs I was allowed to play with Mörbid Vomit!

”Special thanks to: Steelfest crew, Toni Törrönen (The Damager), Blastfest, The Crescent, Damngod, Church Of The Dead, Mikko Mäkinen (Metallihelvetti), Janne Honkanen (Balbex), Santeri Pienimäki (Crescent cymbals), Phil (Cosmic Ears) and of course my family and friends!”

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