Moros Eros lopettaa (2005-2008)

Yhdysvaltalainen kokeellista rokkia soittava Moros Eros on päättänyt lopettaa uransa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

hello everyone,so, as most of you know, moros is no longer a band. since we left everything so ambiguous, i felt really terrible about not explaining the situation. it really had nothing to do with victory, really. i think it started when our van died this past november. we were in the middle of some navajo reservation for about eight hours and i thought a lot about things. things led to other things, deej quit the band a few weeks later, and we eventually came to the conclusion that we didn’t really feel up to the task of playing this kind of music anymore. it’s kind of tiring to sing almost every day about things that are always bothering you, without ever coming to any final conclusion. without getting to philosophical, it was just the band’s time, and we have already started moving on to other things, musically and personally, that is.

first off, bobby (aka hottest drummer ever) is alive and well in georgia and living the good life. he and deej are starting a band together right this very moment, playing the best dirty garage rock that has yet to be created. watch out for that.

second, james ”christopher” firebaugh is also in georgia, making alt-country jams with our dear friend greg. there is a chance that he is possibly (i don’t know if ANYTHING is positive for sure) going to be playing in a band you all might have heard of.

lastly, i have moved to the wonderful city of denver. the thin air and low oxygen is the only thing keeping the cancer from eating me alive. no, i’m just kidding. i had to through a little CONTACT quote in there. i am, actually, in denver, living with my dear friend adam. the both of us almost have half of a record done for our special brand of melancholy weirdo pop. we are still deciding on a name, because if anybody knows anything about being in a band, coming up with a GOOD name is the hardest (and most annoying) part…just look at OUR name…yikes. a full length will be released this year on a label we have yet to decide on. i also have a visual soul thing going on, but i need a female singer. if you know of any in the denver area, please let me know (, because my dream of starting a motown group while i’m not recording with adam has yet to be fulfilled.

for some final moros news, i have one acoustic song that i’d like to put up here called ”sun collapses”. i don’t know when it will be up, but when it does, it will be available for download for a little bit, then taken down…just for my own selfish reasons.

i’m very sorry to everyone who we never had the chance to play for. i wish i had the chance to meet everyone who appreciated our music, but i’m sure in some way or another, we’ll meet face to face soon. we put out an EP, 2 LPs, 2 music videos, and one fan-made video (although, i guess that doesn’t count). we tried our best to make music that people would love as much as we did and i hope we succeeded.

thank you and look out for the future.

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