Mötley Cruen Vince Neil sooloalbumin kimpussa

Mötley Crue Vince Neil 2016Hiljattain keikkalavoilta vetäytyneen Mötley Cruen vokalisti Vince Neil on antanut hiljattain haastattelun The Michigan City News-Dispatchille, jossa mies on vihjaillut aloittaneensa työstämään seuraavaa sooloalbumiaan. Voit lukea Vince Neilin ajatuksia seuraavasta sooloalbumista tästä:

”I’ll say that we’re recording some stuff for a new record this year. You often hear some surprises at our shows. I don’t want to give away some of those surprises, but let’s just say you might have struck a nerve that could ring true… I think there’s always room for this type of music. Some of the things we are working on will be in that same vein. The music is exciting. It’s good, fun, nasty, raw energy and good songs. That’s what is so important — good, fun songs. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go out and not have a good time? Not me. So I’m thankful to be playing everywhere I am.”

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