Muse työstämässä uutta albumia

Muse on parhaillaan työstämässä seuraavaa albumiaan ja jatkoa vuoden 2006 ”Black Holes And Revelations” levylleen. Uuden albumin nimeä ei ole vielä paljastettu, mutta se nauhoitetaan Italiassa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi rumpali Dominic Howardin mietteitä aiheesta.

“About a week ago we just started on some new stuff and actually started playing some new tracks and writing some new songs. So we are just getting the ball rolling again,” he told BBC 6Music.“We’ve been off the kind of creative period for so long, being on tour, so once you get back together – you have to start thinking that kind of way. You have to kind of push that ball and get it rolling.

“And we did it and it sounded great so we got a few tracks together and it’s coming along so that’s what we’re doing right now.”

“You get a whole bunch of ideas in the can and it’s not until later on that you actually decide what they should sound like and where they should go really,”

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