My Bitter End lopettaa

New Yorkista kotoisin oleva metalcore yhtye My Bitter End ovat päättäneet lopettaa yhteisen viisi vuotta kestäneen taipaleensa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändi virallisen viestin.

”It was five years, we had a great time. Thanks to anyone and everyone who supported us. We´re unfortunately not going to be a part of the upcoming ´Unforgivable Tour´ as we originally planned. There most likely won´t be a farewell show either, since half the band now lives in Florida and the other still in New York. We have personally just grown apart and need to move on to other things. We want to thank Sean Muttaqi, Jon King, all at Uprising Records, and all the bands/people we´ve met along the way. It´s been a pleasure, look for some of us in new projects.”

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