Ne Obliviscarisin uusi ”Urn” -albumi streamattavissa kokonaisuudessaan

Ne Obliviscaris

Australialainen progressiivista death metallia soittava Ne Obliviscaris julkaisee tänään uuden ”Urn” -albuminsa Seasons Of Mist -yhtiön kautta. Levy-yhtiö on nyt julkaissut uuden albumin kokonaisuudessaan Youtube -palvelussa. Bändin solisti Tim Charles kertoo:

“Every time we head back into the studio it’s simply with the intention of being ourselves and challenging each of us in the band to continue to expand and enhance what we are capable of doing. On our new album, ‘Urn‘ it feels like the culmination of all of these years of hard work has come together in a way that is beyond anything we have done before and we are thrilled to present it to you today in full and look forward to sharing it with you live around the world over the coming months!”

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