Nergal päihitti jälleen Puolan viranomaiset: Syytteet maan vaakunan häväistyksestä kumottu

Puolalaisen death metal -yhtye Behemothin kitaristi-laulaja Adam ”Nergal” Darski joutui viime vuoden marraskuussa viranomaisten syyniin bändin kotimaassa, kun Nergalin väitettiin häpäisseen Puolan vaakunan yhtyeen julkaisemassa keikkajulisteessa. Nyt Nergalia vastaan nostetut syytteet on kaikki kumottu ja mies onkin julkaissut aiheesta pitkän päivityksen Instagramissa. Voit lukea sen tästä:

European Spring has welcomed me with a gorgeous weather and… a positive verdict in „the republic of the unfaithful” court case! Dismissed and all three of us are free of all the absurd charges! The design will soon be back in the stock so go and visit our webstore and show your support if u will! „The only way to deal with unfree world is to to become so absolutely free so your existence becomes an act of rebellion” said A.Camus. And I try to live my life by these wise and liberating words. It’s not easy tho considering circumstances: the world’s political tendencies, the upcoming tide of wrong interpreted patriotism combined with religious fanatism brings rather fatal solutions and elevates the level of obscurity beyond logic. But do not lose hope my fellow brothers and sisters. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Play your own game just make sure u play it hard and well! Stay independent and honest! Another battle won, yet the war ain’t over!??? PS. Manticore, Rafal Wechterowicz, my lawyers Jacek and Gosia, to work with u guys is an honor and winner ALREADY! Keep it up and FUCK THE [email protected] @too_many_skulls

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