New Lows palaa yhteen

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 9.11.2010

Yhdysvaltalainen hardcore punk -bändi New Lows palaa yhteen. Vuonna 2008 yhtye erosi monien eri tapahtumien johdosta, mutta on päättänyt jatkaa musiikin tekemistä ja pienimuotoista keikkailua. Bändi on saanut kasaan ”Harvest Of The Carcass” LP:n joka julkaistaan ensi vuoden alusta Deathwish Incin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen viesti aiheesta.

I will preface this by admitting I am not really the easiest person to get along with and that I kind of possibly have a bit of a temper I have a hard time controlling. Baby steps.

We essentially broke up in the summer of 2008 on tour due to a viral series of infighting, moreso with certain people than others. On that subject, the band we went out with on our first tour broke up midway through, leaving us to fend for ourselves, and the following year the band who was to take us on tour broke up before tour and didnt even bother to tell us until a week before. That following year I broke my ankle so alot of the writing and recording was put on hold. At the end of the summer as I began vocals, Shawn announced he was getting married and the following day, Mark announced he had gotten a job in Oregon and had to leave immediately. Basically, this has not been an easy band to be in. However, we have always been proud with the end result, especially with this LP which is about to finally come out. New Lows would not be the band we are without those two, and as I would have loved to play out 100% more than we did, I felt there was not much else we could do but disband, and begrudgingly pulled the plug.

A good handful of months have passed, leaving much breathing room from all the beefing that was suffocating us and holding us back. Shawn and I have talked alot and we both expressed the urge to want to finally be able to play these new songs out live. We are all in the last stages of our 20’s and in our early 30’s and have lives and jobs that are important to us. Music has always been an important part of our lives, but it cannot simply be our lives. With all of that said, we would rather play even a few shows here and there than simply do nothing at all. We are very greatful for all of the advice and support that Jake and Tre have given us, which has easily helped make this decision.

Disbanding was a very tough, yet rushed decision fueled by many different emotions, and I wish I was able to have kept cooler. Most importantly, myself and Shawn each have a handful of riffs and song structures, and I would simply never be able to write music like this with anyone else and have no desire to. I don’t want to jump the gun and announce new material, but this LP will surely not be our swan song and we are really excited for everyone to hear it. The record release will be in Boston in January. It will be all ages. As soon as everything is 100 percent finalized, it will be announced.

Thanks, and be on the lookout for our next break-up and reformation.