Nicolas Cage Fighter sopimukseen Metal Blade Recordsin kanssa

Australialainen, metallista hardcorea soittava on solminut sopimuksen Blackligtht Media / Metal Blade Recordsin kanssa. Bändi on perustettu vuonna 2011 ja julkaisi ”3350”-debyytti-EP:nsä vuonna 2013. Bändin kommentoi:

”We couldn’t be more honoured to be on the same label as so many of our idols, and be on the roster of the most influential and biggest metal label in the world. We are so thrilled to be part of the Metal Blade / Blacklight family alongside the best rising bands in heavy music.
A massive thank you to Metal Blade and Blacklight Media for believing in us and giving us this opportunity. Thank you to our team, friends, listeners, sound guys and venues who support heavy music, and the bands we’ve shared stages with.
We would like to add that Nicolas Cage Fighter is well into production for our debut album, which will be released on Metal Blade & Blacklight Media. We know for sure we will definitely please our audience and critics upon its release, stay tuned!”

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