Nightfallin uusi albumi on nyt julkaistu

(c) Christos_Bozikis

Kreikkalaisen metalliyhtye Nightfallin uusi albumi ”At Night We Prey” on nyt julkaistu Season of Mistin kautta ja kuunneltavissa ohessa. Yhtyeen vokalisti Efthimis kommentoi:

”This album is made of anger and hope. Anger about all those stereotypes built around serious subjects affecting all, like depression; and hope for things to change for the better. We sing for younger generations to break down old misconceptions about mental disorders. Music in this album is not following a linear pattern, but rather tries to catch the entire spectrum of mood swings one is experiencing, while in this state. It is a blend of fast and slow parts, heavy and heavier passages, in a natural progress from start to end. Enjoy it and let its message root in you.”

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