Nightwish aloitti uuden albumin nauhoitukset

Kotimainen metalli yhtye Nightwish on aloittanut uuden levynsä nauhoitukset. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen päivitys asiaan liittyen.

”After spending an intensive summer camp on Finnish countryside and putting a final touch to [a pre-production/demo recording of all the songs that will be featured on the CD], we started recording the drums for our next album. We gathered together [on Thursday, October 14] and set up the drums and all the recording devices. [Friday, October 15] was mostly spent just perfecting the sounds. Just like with our last album we got some back-up from Mr. Kai Hahto (SWALLOW THE SUN and WINTERSUN), who is known to be able to conjure godly sounds by tuning the drums. The legendary duet of Mikko Karmila and TeeCee Kinnunen are taking care of the engineering again. [Friday night] ended with a complete take of the first song, so the recording session has now officially started!”

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